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  • Sistema LiDAR para una colección precisa de nubes de puntos.
  • Wide scan pattern and good capture rate.
  • Quality technology at an affordable price.



Geosun presenta la última innovación en sistemas LiDAR, que ofrecen una recopilación precisa de nubes de puntos al precio más económico del mercado.

The gAirHawk GS-100M model is the alternative to carry out surveys of professional demand, due to its Livox laser sensor, which offers a point cloud with centimeter precision, in addition to having a double scan pattern, the best capture rate and the IMU best performance within Geosun LiDAR systems. It is the lightest equipment, so you can mount it on different UAVs and, as an option, you can add the Sony RX1 camera to your purchase.

Among its applications in the acquisition of 3D spatial information is the survey of public services and construction sites, agriculture and forestry (particularly in dense vegetation), operations in open-pit mines, cubing and cartography in general. .


The GS-100M integrates a high-performance Livox laser sensor, which offers a centimeter-accurate 3D point cloud, as well as two scan patterns of your choice, one non-repetitive circular and one repetitive linear, and a high density of points, thanks to its triple echo. Along with this, it incorporates an IMU of better performance compared to the other Geosun LiDAR systems. Finally, its light weight gives it the versatility to be mounted on various types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and the Sony RX1 camera can be optionally incorporated.

Choice of two types of scan patterns and high point density

The GS-100M’s high-performance laser sensor is equipped with two FOV 70 ° scan patterns, one non-repetitive circular and one repetitive linear, in order to meet the needs of different work scenarios. In addition, this LiDAR system has triple echo, which allows it to achieve a capture rate of 720,000 points per second.

Light weight and camera (optional) 

The GS-100M weighs just 0.9kg, giving it the versatility to be mounted on various UAVs, such as the DJI M210, M600 Pro and M300. In addition, as an option, a Sony RX1 24 MP camera can be incorporated, with an additional weight of less than 300 g.


Double scan pattern

The GS-100M features a triple echo Livox laser sensor and high-speed scanning to achieve a capture rate of up to 720,000 points per second. This high-performance device is equipped with two scanning modes, circular non-repetitive and linear repetitive, in order to meet the needs of different work scenarios.



Long detection range

GS-100M adjusts its detection range according to the intensity of ambient light, which keeps noise at a low level. The detection range increases to 450m under low light conditions (such as on a cloudy day, indoors, or at night), ensuring that distant objects are captured in detail.

Información adicional


DJI Matrice 210, DJI Matrice 300, DJI Matrice 600


Sin cámara, con cámara

Parámetros del sistema  
Peso 0.9 kg
Precisión < 0.1 m @60m
Rango de poder 12V-16V
Temperatura de funcionamiento -20 C ° - 55 C °
Consumo 20 W
Plataformas UAV DJI M200, M300, M600
Almacenamiento 64 GB Pos and 128 GB lidar


Parámetros LiDAR  
Sensor LiDAR DJI Livox Avia
Rango de medición Reflectivity 90m @ 10%, Reflectivity 230m @ 20%,
Clase de laser 905 nm Clase 1 (IEC 60825-1: 2014)
rango máximo 450 m
Rango mínimo 0,3 M
Precisión de rango ± 5 cm (@ 0,3 m ~ 1 m), ± 2 cm (@ 1 m ~ 200 m)
Frecuencia 720.000 pts/sec, triple-echo
Campo de visión (FOV) 70° circular
Frecuencia de actualización 200 Hz


Parámetros IMU y GNSS  
Precisión de rumbo 0,08 °
Precisión de tono 0,03 °
Precisión de rollo 0,03 °
Precisión de posición Los 0.05m
Tipo de señal GNSS GPS L1 / L2 GLONASS L1 / L2 BDS B1 / B2
Software de punto de venta Lanzadera 5.0
Procesamiento de nubes de puntos gAirhawk, salida LAS, txt o formatos personalizados
Posprocesamiento (terceros) LasTools (rapidlasso), TerraSolid, TopoDot, TBC, LiDR


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