Excellent software for excellent hardware

As with our hardware – our software products are the ones we have tested thoroughly and concluded to be the best. We are working with our partners to bring you further products such as LiDAR point cloud processing and CAD programs.


3D Survey is our choice for creating high-accuracy 3D-models, point-clouds and orthoimages which form the basis for any feature extraction and generation of volume reports and CAD-models. We think it is the best choice for any aerial surveyor for several reasons.

First of all, it is made by surveyors and so a lot of practical experience went into the software concept.

Second, it is designed for surveyors and not for C+ programmers, meaning: the software covers all you need as an aerial surveyor BUT it still is very userfriendly.

Third: For the price of one license you get two products: A fully functional photogrammetry engine as well as a CAD interface that lets you create volume reports, measurements and CAD design files.


Map Pilot Business by MapsMadeEasy is our choice for professional flight planning. There seems to be an endless amount of flight planning apps in the market. Very few have grown a spotless reputation as did MapPilot Business from MapsMadeEasy.

Our main argument for this IOS app is, that it basically handles all the important parameters of flight planning  – the most user-friendly AND reliable way. It supports terrain following, double-, single grid as well as corridor survey. One particular feature that puts it ahead of the pack is the ability to automatically limit the speed of the drone to the lighting conditions. So you dont have to guestimate at what speed your drone may fly without producing blurry images.