• Our choice for high-payload operations (LiDAR)
  • Hot-Swap: change batteries without turning of the system
  • Typical flight time with LiDAR units: 25-45 minutes per set of batteries

Manufacturer: DJI Enterprise


MATRICE 300 RTK – The Workhorse

A New Standard for the Commercial Drone Industry
The Matrice 300 RTK is DJI’s newest commercial drone platform, inspired by cutting-edge flight systems. With up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced AI functions, omnidirectional detection and positioning system and much more, the M300 RTK sets completely new standards by combining intelligent functions, high performance and unmatched reliability.


  • 15 km max. Range
  • 55 minutes maximum flight time
  • Omnidirectional detection and positioning system
  • Primary flight data display
  • Degree of protection IP45
  • Operating temperatur:
  • -20 ° C to +50 ° C
  • Battery system with hot swap
  • UAV status and management system



Superior performance




Improved transmission system
The brand new OcuSync Enterprise enables transmission at a distance of up to 15 km and supports three-channel video in 1080p. Automatic real-time switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz4 enables more reliable flight in environments with high levels of interference, while AES-256 encryption ensures secure data transmission.

  • 15km transmission range
  • 1080p three-channel video
  • 2.4 /5.8 GHz Automatic real-time switching




Improved flight performance
The improved design of the flying frame and drive system allows you to fly more efficiently and stably, even in extreme conditions.

  • 55min max flight time
  • 7m / s Max. Rate of descent
  • 7000m max. Altitude
  • 15m / s Max. Wind resistance
  • 23m / s Max. Airspeed




Various options for industrial expansions
Configure your M300 RTK according to your application requirements. Mount up to three payloads at the same time with a maximum payload of 2.7 kg.

  • Downward facing gimbal
  • Upward facing and downward facing gimbal
  • Upward facing and dual downward facing gimbals




Mission Record Record mission details such as flight movements, gimbal orientation, photos and zoom level to create templates for future automated inspections.

AI Job Review
Automate routine inspections and collect consistent results every time. The AI ​​recognizes the desired object and identifies it in subsequent automated operations to ensure a consistent recording.

Waypoint 2.0
Create up to 65,535 waypoints and set multiple actions for one or more payloads, including third party ones, at each waypoint. Flight route planning has also been optimized to maximize the flexibility and efficiency of your operations.

Smart marking & tracking

PinPoint (precise location)
Simply mark an object in the camera or map view. The advanced sensor fusion algorithms determine the coordinates immediately and project them as an AR symbol onto all camera views. The location of the subject is automatically released for another remote control or for online platforms such as
DJI FlightHub.

Identify and track moving subjects such as people, vehicles and boats with the tracking function. The auto-zoom function ensures constant tracking and display. The dynamic location of the subject is continuously recorded and passed on to another remote control or a DJI FlightHub. Situation

assessment like from a cockpit
The M300 RTK has a new primary flight data display (PFD) that integrates flight, navigation and obstacle information to enable the pilot to make an optimal assessment of the situation.

information Flight information such as flight position, altitude and speed of the aircraft as well as wind speed and wind direction are displayed intuitively.

Navigation display
In addition to the flight direction, pilots also see the flight path in real time, information about the location of the target object and the starting point in a more efficient way. Simultaneously visualize all the obstacles in the vicinity with the new obstacle map so that you are fully informed.

Extended dual control
Every user can now gain control of the aircraft or the payload with just one movement. This creates new opportunities for deployment strategies as well as greater flexibility during operation.

Safe and reliable.





Powerful vision sensors with full control
In order to improve the safety during flight and the stability of the aircraft, there are dual vision and ToF sensors on all six sides of the aircraft, which offer a maximum detection range of up to 40 m. You can
adjust the detection behavior of the aircraft via the DJI Pilot app. Even in complex operating environments, this directional recognition and positioning system in six directions contributes to the safety of the aircraft and its operation.






Professional maintenance for your drone fleet
The new integrated status and management system shows the current status of all systems, notification logs and tips for troubleshooting. The system also contains the flight logs, the duration and mileage of the aircraft throughout its life cycle, as well as tips on the care and maintenance of the aircraft.






Redundancy systems for more safety in flight
The integrated extended redundancy systems of the M300 RTK enable you to carry out critical missions even in unexpected scenarios.
What redundancy does the M300 RTK offer? All redundant systems are detailed in this report

More flexible than ever

  • Degree of protection IP45
  • Self-heating battery
  • -20 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Collision warning light
  • AirSense ADS-B receiver


battery charging station
TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery
DJI Smart Remote Control Enterprise
D-RTK 2 Mobile station
CSM radar


Compatible industrial extensions

Zenmuse H20
hybrid sensor gimbal with laser range finder, zoom and wide-angle camera.

Zenmuse H20T
hybrid sensor gimbal with laser range finder , zoom, wide angle and thermal imaging camera.

Zenmuse XT2
gimbal with double sensor structure for video recordings in 4K and thermal images with a sensitivity below 50 mK.

Zenmuse Z30
30x optical zoom camera – ideal for detailed inspections.

Third party extensions
For special missions and flight time tasks

Calculate the approximate flight time of the M300 RTK based on the actual payload of the extensions.

Tailor-made software

DJI Pilot
The powerful DJI Pilot app was developed specifically for companies in order to be able to access the full potential of their DJI drone. The development of the DJI Pilot app was specially tailored to the M300 RTK – for constant professional performance.




DJI FlightHub
DJI FlightHub is an integrated solution for the management of drone operations, as well as for the scaling of extensive flight operations in larger organizations. Due to the native compatibility with the M300 RTK, DJI FlightHub can be integrated into the daily task routine at any time and further increase the operational efficiency of the drone fleet in your organization.





Leverage the DJI ecosystem for advanced solutions

Payload SDK
Integrate numerous third-party industrial enhancements into your drone, such as gas warning devices, loudspeakers, multispectral sensors and much more. The Payload SDK supports DJI SkyPort, DJI SkyPort V2 and DJI X-Port. Significantly shortens the development cycle of your own industrial extension, your extension can also be used optimally in many other scenarios.

Onboard SDK
Use the computing power of your M300 RTK. The onboard SDK supports individual adaptation through numerous functions, such as the omnidirectional detection and positioning system, UAV status and management system, waypoint 2.0 and much more.

Mobile SDK
With an extensive ecosystem of third-party apps, you unlock all the possibilities of your drone platform. They help you to meet the requirements of your assignments. With the Mobile SDK, deployments with the M300 RTK can be varied in a variety of ways through flexible app development.


Fire fighting
Extinguish fires and save lives without endangering people.

Rescue operations
React quickly to locate missing persons and thus better plan rescue operations.

Law enforcement
Being able to quickly assess the situation and react accordingly – at the same time improving the safety of emergency services and passers-by.

Inspections of high voltage lines
Convenient visualization of large networks of high-voltage lines – even in remote areas. Inspect

oil and gas supply
pipelines or boreholes without employees having to go to dangerous locations.



Scope of delivery:

1x aircraft
1x Smart Controller Enterprise
1x Enterprise Shield Basic service package (is activated automatically)
1x USB charger
1x USB-C cable
1x WB37 battery
2x 2110 propeller (CW)
2x 2110 propeller (CCW)
2x landing gear
1x replacement control stick covers (pair )
2x replacement propeller
guards 4x replacement gimbal damper
1x USB cable (with 2 type A connectors)
1x calibration plate for vision sensors
1x transport case
1x neck strap for remote control
1x rubber covers for connections (set)
1x screws and tools

Check shield activation


The DJI M300 is supplied with the DJI Shield Basic Service as standard, which enables defective devices to be exchanged up to twice within the 12-month term for a fee. The service can be extended for a further 12 months after 12 months. (Item No. 5503).

DJI Shield Basic is either automatically activated in the background during activation of the device, or a window to be confirmed appears during activation.

The activation or status of Shield can be checked via the following link:


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