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Our choice for dense vegetation and high-volume surveys

  • LiVox Horizon Sensor mit non-repetitive Scanpattern
  • Scanrate up to 480.000 pts/s (double echo)
  • Ideal for powerline and forest mapping
  • Daily Mapping Area: up to 50 km²
  • FOV: 81°x 25°
  • Heading Accuracy 0.04°





Geosun introduces the latest innovation in LiDAR systems, which deliver accurate point cloud collection at the most economical price on the market.The gAirHawk GS-130H model has a wider scan pattern and a higher density of dots per second, compared to the GS MID-40, obtaining a much more efficient survey in relation to square kilometers per day.Among its applications in the acquisition of 3D spatial information is the survey of public services and construction sites, agriculture and forestry (particularly in dense vegetation), operations in open-pit mines, cubing and cartography in general.



The GS-130H integrates a LiDAR sensor from the renowned DJI brand, which has an innovative horizontal-type wide field of view, more efficient than the repetitive linear scan patterns offered by traditional LiDAR sensors. In addition, the point cloud coverage is much denser compared to the GS MID-40 model, allowing each space to be viewed within the field of vision without blind spots and with a range of up to 260 meters. It incorporates a GNSS / IMU solution to determine the position and flight attitude during the survey.


Non-repeating scan patterns

GS-130H offers horizontal non-repetitive scan patterns that differ significantly from other repetitive linear scans featured by traditional LiDAR sensors. The scanned areas within your field of view (FOV) grow as there is a longer integration time, increasing the probability of detecting objects and other details within that field of view. The density of the point cloud can easily exceed that of 64-line LiDAR sensors, resulting in a safer, more autonomous and more reliable survey. The point cloud coverage rate will gradually increase with integration time to approach 100%.



Dense coverage that eliminates blind spots

The GS-130H has much denser point cloud coverage than the GS MID-40, due to its horizontal non-repetitive scan patterns with multiple laser heads. The capture rate of up to 480 points / s ensures that every space within the field of view is clearly visible, with no blind spots.

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DJI Matrice 210, DJI Matrice 300, DJI Matrice 600


Without Camera, With Camera

LiDAR Parameters  
LiDAR Sensor DJI Livox Horizon
Measuring range Reflectivity 90m @ 10%, Reflectivity 130m @ 20%, Reflectivity 260m @ 80%
Laser class 905nm Class1 (IEC 60825-1: 2014)
Max range 260 m
Min range 0.3 M
Range precision ± 5cm (@ 0.3m ~ 1m), ± 2cm (@ 1m ~ 200m)
Frequency 400.000 pts/sec, double-echo
Field of view (FOV) 81.7° x 25.1 °
Update frequency 200HZ
Laser Lines Equivalent 64-beam


System Parameters  
Weight 1.46 kg
Precision < 0.1 m @100m
Power Range 12V-16V
Operating Temperature -20 C° – 55 C°
Consumption 15 W
UAV Platforms DJI M200, M300, M600
Storage 8 GB Pos and 128 GB lidar


IMU and GNSS parameters  
Heading precision 0.04 °
Pitch precision 0.015 °
Roll precision 0.015 °
Position accuracy 0.02m -0.05m
GNSS signal type GPS L1 / L2 GLONASS L1 / L2 BDS B1 / B2
POS software Shuttle 5.0
Point cloud processing gAirhawk, output LAS, txt or custom formats
Post-Processing (Third Party) LasTools (rapidlasso), TerraSolid, TopoDot, TBC, LiDR


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