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  • LiDAR system for precise collection of point clouds.

  • Lightweight and versatile for mounting on various types of UAVs.

  • The most affordable alternative on the market.

  • Livox Mid-40 Sensor with double-echo and up to 200.000 pts/s




The gAirHawk GS-MID40 model is an excellent alternative for those who are taking their first steps with this technology, due to its affordable cost. In addition, its light weight gives it the versatility to be mounted on various types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Among its applications in the acquisition of 3D spatial information are the survey of public services and construction sites, agriculture and forestry (particularly in dense vegetation), operations in open-pit mines, cubing and cartography in general.



GS-MID40 integrates a LiDAR sensor from the renowned DJI brand, which is capable of detecting objects up to 260 meters away. It uses an advanced non-repeating scan pattern to deliver highly accurate details within your field of view. It also incorporates a GNSS / IMU solution to determine the position and flight attitude during the survey.


Mid-40 Scan Üattern


Non-repeating scan patterns

MID-40 offers non-repetitive scan patterns that make scanned areas within the field of view (FOV) grow with longer integration time, increasing the likelihood of detecting objects and other details within that field of view. The MID-40 is equivalent to a 32-line product when the integration time is 0.1s. With an integration time of 0.5s, the coverage performance is equivalent to a 64-line product. As integration time increases, FOV coverage will approach 100%.

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DJI Matrice 210, DJI Matrice 300, DJI Matrice 600


Without Camera, With Camera

System Parameters  
Weight 1.2kg
Precision 0.1 m
Power Range 12V-16V
Operating Temperature -20 C° – 55 C°
Consumption 20 W
UAV Platforms DJI M200, M300, M600
Storage 8 GB Pos and 128 GB lidar


LiDAR Parameters  
LiDAR Sensor DJI Livox Mid-40
Measuring range Reflectivity 90m @ 10%, Reflectivity 130m @ 20%, Reflectivity 260m @ 80%
Laser class 905nm Class1 (IEC 60825-1: 2014)
Max range 260 m
Min range 0.3 M
Range precision ± 5cm (@ 0.3m ~ 1m), ± 2cm (@ 1m ~ 200m)
Frequency 100.000 pts/sec, double-return
Field of view (FOV) 38.4 ° circular vision
Update frequency 200HZ


IMU and GNSS parameters  
Heading precision 0.08 °
Pitch precision 0.03 °
Roll precision 0.03 °
Position accuracy 0.05m
GNSS signal type GPS L1 / L2 GLONASS L1 / L2 BDS B1 / B2
POS software Shuttle 5.0
Point cloud processing gAirhawk, output LAS, txt or custom formats
Post-Processing (Third Party) LasTools (rapidlasso), TerraSolid, TopoDot, TBC, LiDR


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